Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for a Modern Classic Look

Color Kitchen Cabinets

For a contemporary kitchen, forgo traditional cabinets in the darker stained wood tones and go with color. Color cabinets are a great way to add personality to a kitchen. The best part is that certain painted cabinets can be repainted as needed without having to replace them. The boldest color choices today are not necessarily bright yellow or saturated primary colors. Today′s neutral colors make a big, modern yet classic statement like.

Color Kitchen Cabinets

Wood will always be a highly sought after kitchen cabinet material. For a fresh update to wood cabinets, consider exotic woods that have striped grain to them. The stripes will add texture and visual interest to your cabinetry.

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Avoid the builder grade cabinet look by getting creative with your cabinet choices. Go with a two tone effect in your kitchen by selecting one of two approaches to get the look:High and low two tone effect. Use one color on your lower cabinets and a different color on your upper cabinets. To create a fresh, lasting look, stick to complementary colors. If you find that you′re color challenged, use a deeper, richer shade on the lower cabinets, and a much lighter shade of the same color or white for the top cabinets.Actual two tone. Instead of mixing and matching color cabinets, select cabinets that have a two tone look to them. Careful with choosing cabinets in a repeating two tone effect they may look too busy. Our favorite, contemporary look that will withstand the test of time involves two tone cabinets that are one color for the actual cabinets and doors, with a second color around the exterior frame.

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Warren Schuh On 30.05.2017
Kitchens with a classic design, simple and yet elegant. They are in a great demand these days. Not every contractor can provide such kind of kitchen,only those with great skill and experience can do that. Some of the good designs for such an elegant kitchen you can see here I have heard some good things about them and designs are also nice. Reply to this comment
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